Consultation as part of the ASK: Animation Support Kit is an opportunity to discuss with an expert a selected issue (or issues) regarding a planned or implemented film project (at any stage of development).

Areas that can be consulted are: animation and topics related to the animation puppets' - design, construction, selection of techniques, creating human and animal puppet characters.

Tim Allen
Stop motion animator with over twenty years of experience. He has worked on the sets of such feature film as "Isle of dogs", “Corpse Bride”, “Fantastic Mr. Fox” or "My Life as a Courgette" and moreover short “Peter and the Wolf” (which won the Academy Award in 2008). Furthermore, he is also an educator, traveling across the globe with masterclasses, animation mentoring programs and animation workshops for anyone looking to develop their skills.

Magdalena Bieszczak
Owner and founder of All Animation Studio. Highly experienced and specializing in a variety of materials essential to the puppet fabrication process. Through her career to date, she worked on multiple highly successful, Oscar nominated feature films, such as "Frankenweenie", "Miss Peregrine Home for Peculiar Children", "The Grand Budapest Hotel" and "Isle of Dogs", where she became a Head of the CTS Department. At the moment Magdalena is based in Portland, Oregon USA, where she is working for Laika.

Sylwia Nowak
She has been working in the profession of a puppet maker and set designer for animated films for over 20 years. She specializes in puppet films realized with the classic technique of stop motion animation. As an author of puppet costumes and makeup, she took part in the production of films such as "Fairy Tales from the Land of Lajlonia", "Ichthys", "Danny Boy", "Peter and the Wolf", "Flying Machine", "Isle of Dogs" and "Wielkie zmartwienie."

Piotr Knabe
A freelance sculptor with experience in fabrication, mould making and casting, creative engineering, character design, illustration, 3D modelling and 3D printing. Involved in making puppets, replicas and sets for such films as: "Peter and a Wolf",”, "Danny Boy", "A Flying Machine", "La nostalgia del Sr. Alambre", "Isle of Dogs" and "Inzomnia" (in production) as well as TV series including: "Flapper and Friends", "Koyaa" and "War and I".

Marcin Zalewski
He has over 15 years of experience in services for stop-motion film production, theatre and advertising including: puppet making (animation and theatre puppets, animatronics), prosthetic pieces, sculptures, models, replicas and props. His works were in significant movies like "Flying Machine", "La Nostalgia del Sr. Alambre", "Peter and The Wolf", "Isle of Dogs", "Even Mice Belong in Heaven" as well as series "Koyaa The Extraordinary" or "Flapper The Hare".

The basic package is a 1-hour consultation on one project or selected issue with a matched expert.
During registration (via the form) the participant provides materials that allow consultants to prepare for the consultation.
In the application, the participant indicates which issues she/he would like to consult. In the case of a too wide range of topics, the participant will be notified of the necessity to select fewer topics or buy additional consultation.
In case of consultations with puppet makers, depending on the issues pointed out for discussion, it may be necessary to arrange a consultation with two experts (without additional payment).

Applications are made via the registration form <link>, which should be accompanied by a PDF presentation of max. 20 pages (link to Dropbox / Google Drive), containing:

for consultation on animation: 
- summary of the project (title, name of the producer/co-producers, country, format, length, target, budget, production stage of the project)
- concept of the project
- the synopsis
- 2-5 stills
- treatment
- description of the characters
- character & set designs
- any technical drawings of how the puppets eyes & mouths, hands & feet will work
- any technical drawings set designs (how will the animators gain access to the puppets & attach the feet to the floor)
- the creative style of animation - reference any projects which influence the style of movement of the puppets
- any animation tests or pilot footage (if exist already)

for consultation with the puppet maker: 
- summary of the project (title, name of the producer/co-producers, country, format, length, target, budget, production stage of the project)
- concept of the project
- the synopsis
- 2-5 stills
- treatment
- description of the characters
- character design
- style of puppet/puppets - reference any puppets (for the design, materials, final look, usability) which influence the style of puppet/puppets in the project 

22.06 open call for participants
15.07 end of the recruitment
16.07 announcement of the shortlisted participants
19.07 deadline for paying the participation fee
20.07-10.08 consultations (details agreed individually)

1 consultation - 195 euro (including VAT)
2 consultations - 15% discount
3 consultations - 25% discount
4 consultations - 30% discount

Discount apply for more than 1 consultation in each of the ranges (animation or animation puppets).
The package of more than 4 consultations is valued individually.
In case of purchasing the consultation on animation as well as the consultation with the puppet maker a 15% discount applies.

The application form for consultation can be found <HERE>
Regulations of participation in ASK: Animation Support Kit can be found <HERE>

If you have any questions, please contact: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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