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Have you always been curious about how stop motion animation is created? Would you like to meet the creator who worked on the blockbuster "Early Man" or designed the figure of the main dog hero for the Oscar-nominated film "Isle of Dogs"? Or maybe you are fascinated by the process of preparing scenography or props for a stop motion film? Join the FRAME BY FRAME. SECRETS OF THE CREATORS' WORK project and explore the backstage of animated film from all the world!

project is a series of webinars including Q&A sessions with Polish animation creators who will presented their daily work on stop motion movies and discovered the secrets of their professions: animator, creator of animation puppets, set designer, director or sound engineer. Subsidised by the National Centre for Culture under the programme „Kultura w sieci”.

FRAME BY FRAME. SECRETS OF THE CREATORS' WORK project will give you an opportunity to look into the world of behind-the-scenes animation production and will allow you to acquire knowledge about film and will also present many issues in the field of art cinematography. Project recipients can learn the specifics of the creative animating process, but also to discover the challenges associated with working on various film projects. It is also a chance to look at the achievements of contemporary animation and Polish contribution to its development.
FRAME BY FRAME. SECRETS OF THE CREATORS' WORK was a series of summer meetings with Polish stop motion artists. Webinars were held twice a week on FB MOMAKIN. Viewers were able to ask questions during a Q&A session and online meeting recording can be watched on YouTube Momakin account.

Guests of FRAME BY FRAME. SECRETS OF THE CREATORS' WORK are valued creators who work on the best Polish and international animated films:

  • Piotr Ficner | 27.07
  • Piotr Knabe | 30.07
  • Anna Szcześniak | 3.08
  • Marcin Zalewski | 6.08
  • Marcin Jasiński | 10.08
  • Magdalena Osińska | 13.08
  • Jacek Spychalski | 17.08
  • Bartosz Kotarski | 20.08
  • Izumi Yoshida | 24.08
  • Katarzyna Okoniewska | 27.08
  • Magdalena Bieszczak | 31.08
  • Piotr Kubiak | 3.09
  • Sylwia Nowak | 7.09

During the webinars our guests were presenting various issues in regard to work on the set of stop motion projects, but also different stages of its development, among others:

  • The nature of the animation director's work
  • Sound in an animated film
  • Animation puppet design – selection of technology, aesthetics
  • Mechanical aspects of building an animation puppet
  • The role and method of building scenery and props in stop motion animation
  • Costume designer’s work
  • Character movement in a stop motion film
  • The role of animator in the puppet animation

Where to watch?
Webinars were broadcasted on the FB MOMAKIN fanpage.
Recorded webinars are available on the MOMAKIN’s channel on YouTube.

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